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Arjuna & Krishna

About Arjuna

...Arjuna as a demigod, son of the Storm God Indra, disciple of Lord Krishna.

Arjuna was the heroic, warrior Prince in the Bhagavad Gita, an epic scripture written in India in the 2nd Century B.C.E.  Symbolically within the saga, Arjuna represents the best aspects of humanity; courage, strength, humility, intelligence and wisdom.

The story begins with Arjuna in great moral distress.  As he journeys into a war he does not want to fight, his fear leads him to seek the guidance of Krishna's teachings. Krishna then appears to him, remaining there throughout the ride, and teaches Arjuna the greatest lesson of all, the true nature of Being. With each passing lesson, he learns how to accept his fate and honor the struggles along his path.  

This is an important and wonderful lesson for us all.  For none of us are without our struggles, yet still, it is important to honor them.  For without our struggles, we would never learn nor grow. 

About Arjuna: About
Arjuna Trees growing by the riverbank.

...Arjuna as an Ayurvedic Medicine for the Heart

In Ayurveda, Arjuna is a traditional plant medicine used for treating imbalances of both the physical and emotional heart.  It comes from the red bark of the Arjuna tree and is known as one of the sacred trees of the riverbanks.

In honoring this beautiful heart medicine, along with the noble qualities of the disciple of Krishna, we have chosen the blessings and guidance of the name Arjuna for our practice.

Om Shanti

About Arjuna: Welcome
Dhanvantari~ The Father of Ayurvedic Medicine

Our Mission

Sri Dhanvantari (featured above) Physician to the Gods & Father of Ayurvedic Medicine

At Arjuna, the path to wellness begins with our patients setting an intention towards a sincere desire to change.  This 'change" can take on many forms, such as through your words, your mental attitude, or your physical/spiritual body.

We believe that the process of rebalancing your health is a cooperation between Practitioner and Patient, and that radiant health can be achieved through one's own awareness of how their lifestyle and dietary habits affect their personal wellbeing.  

Our minds and bodies naturally seek balance.  Every symptom of dis-ease is essentially an alarm, alerting you to bring more awareness to a specific organ or system of the body.  It is important to remember that healing chronic ailments takes time, and having a certain level of forgiveness and sensitivity towards one's self is an important part of the process.  

We recommend beginning your healing journey by scheduling an Initial Consultation appointment with one of our knowledgable Practitioners. We will gather a complete health history along with diagnostic tests to create a Wellness Plan that both compliments your health goals and individual needs.

"Lokah Samstah Sukhino Bhavantu" ~Namaste

May all beings, everywhere, be healthy, happy and free.

About Arjuna: About
Randilee Golden

Randilee Serra-Golden

A.W.E./ C.V.S.T./ B.F.A./ M.S.

Randilee Golden is a Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Educator, Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist, and Certified Theta Practitioner.  She was classically trained in Ayurveda at the Southern California University of Health Sciences.  While there, she studied under world-renowned Ayurvedic Doctors, Dr. Anu Kizhakkeveettil and Dr. Jayagopal Parla, and worked as an Ayurvedic Pharmacy Assistant at the Campus Health Clinic. Following her studies there, she furthered her knowledge by attending continuing education classes with Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. 

As a holistic therapist, Randilee believes in the intelligence of the body and its natural desire to seek balance and health. In Ayurveda, every patient is considered unique, in both their constitution and lifestyle. Therefore, her approach is always customized to the specific needs of her patients. She blends the wisdom of both Eastern and Western medicine and wellness therapies.  

She first discovered the wonders of plant medicine when she was a child, learning alongside her mother as they tended to the various gardens surrounding their home. Self-care routines and proper nutrition was always a focus growing up. Then, when her mother was diagnosed with a genetic form of Breast Cancer, they deepened their self-study of alternative health therapies, whole-food nutrition, and medicinal herbs together.

The knowledge they gained during that time made all the difference in terms of her mother's health and she was able to go into remission for over 20 years.  

Then, when Randilee was an undergraduate, she contracted a form of Lyme disease that strongly affected her neurological system. Drawing upon her years of study, she learned how to integrate her experiences by combining nutrition, medicinal herbs, yoga and meditation to help manage her symptoms and regain her strength.

Randilee went on to receive both her Bachelor's of Fine Arts and Master's of Science in Art Education from Alfred University.  She then worked as a Fine Arts teacher at a Magnet Arts school for eight years. After the birth of her son, she resigned from teaching and decided to pursue her passion for holistic medicine and helping others, and began her credentialing as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Vibrational Sound Therapist and Theta Healer.  Arjuna is a life long dream realized and a beautiful collaboration between her and her husband. 

While at Arjuna, we believe in providing a clean, safe and nurturing environment for our patients. Together, we will walk the path back to radiant health.  

* Randilee continues to exhibit her own artwork at galleries and shows and teaches private Art lessons at Arjuna.  Her professional artwork can be viewed: @ and 

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Luke Golden

Luke Golden

L.M.T./ B.A.

Growing up in the forests of upstate New York, Luke Golden has devoted himself to the power of nature and its ability to heal since he was a young man. Receiving an associate’s degree in massage therapy from the prestigious Swedish Institute in New York City, Luke has practiced body work and energy healing for over 20 years. He has worked at the W hotel, Exhale spa, yoga and fitness as well as many other spas, fitness centers and hotels around New York and California. Luke has maintained a robust private clientele including several celebrity clients.

Trained in Reflexology, Shiatsu, Thai massage, So Tai, Tui Na, Swedish, Trigger point technique and other modalities, Luke believes in all paths to health and values all the healing arts from the East and the West. Luke has worked the U.S. Open of Snowboarding, volunteered to work on the first responders in NYC after the events of September 11th and other corporate and community events. Luke believes that all people deserve health and healing and he is committed to providing that service to the world.

As a Reiki Master, Luke currently offers Reiki Level I, II and Master training certifications. 

In addition to working at Arjuna, Luke currently works as the Department Head of the Film and Television program at a Magnet Arts school. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television with a minor in Psychology from Boston University and continues his work as a professional Filmmaker and Screenwriter. 

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“Awareness is the Medicine”


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