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~ Ayurvedic Wellness Therapies ~

Ayurveda is the 5000 year old, traditional system of medicine from India that literally translates into the "Science of Life." This brilliant system of preventative medicine practice is based on the theory that all things in the Universe are made of the same five elements of Air, Space, Fire, Earth and Water; but in different proportions.

Our bodies are therefore unique from one another based upon the way these elemental forces are expressed within us. This perspective is referred to as the Doshas (Vata: Air & Space, Pitta: Fire & Water, Kapha: Earth & Water). Therefore what is needed to remain healthy is different for every person. 

Schedule an Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation to learn your Dosha, and what the best type of wellness routine, exercise and nutritional regimen is for you, and completely transform your overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Holistic Therapies: Services

For the Mind: Shirodhara

Helps to quiet the mind and alleviate anxiety, depression and insomnia. Promotes deep state of relaxation and bliss. 
An ancient and beloved therapy unique to Ayurveda. This soothing treatment consists of a personalized blend of warm, herbal-infused oil, gently streamed in a continuous flow over the third eye.

Custom Massage Therapy

Custom Massage Therapy

Eastern & Western Classical Bodywork Techniques and Tools

Holistic Therapies: Services
Swedish Massage


A gentle and relaxing body technique designed to relieve general tension and stress.

Therapy Enhancement Options

Bian Stone Cupping

Bian Stone Cupping

Balance Your Chi

This can be used in conjunction with other body massage therapies. An ancient therapy used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

Our therapist uses a flame to create a vacuum suction between the cup and the body.  This process draws impurities to the surface to be later eliminated by the kidneys.

An excellent therapy to reduce pain and increase circulation in the body. 

Ayurvedic Herb Infused Oils

Medicinal Ayurvedic Oils & CBD Herbal Blends

Deep Theraputic Pain Relief

A deeply beneficial therapy enhancement available for any body massage service.

We offer the following high quality options:

 ~ Biotone 660 mg. CBD massage cream with Lidocaine, Arnica and Menthol 

~ Biotone 700 mg. CBD massage oil with Comfrey and Arnica

~ Banyan Botanicals Mahanarayana Ayurvedic Medicicinal Oil 

Bian Stone Gua Sha

Bian Stone Gua Sha

Inspire Natural Healing

This therapy uses quick, repetitive movements across the skin with the Gua Sha tool as a way to stir up toxins and remove stagnation within the tissues.  

This may be an intense therapy for some, and may leave marks behind on fair skin.  These marks are not harmful or permanent and will go away within a few days after treatment.

Holistic Therapies: Services
Vibrational Sound Therapy

Vibrational Sound Therapy

"Sound is the Medicine of the Future." ~ Edgar Cayce

Vibrapoint & Zen Sound Therapy Bowls,
Quartz Crystal & Himalayan Singing Bowls, Couple & Small Group Soundbaths

Holistic Therapies: Services
Crystal Singing Bowls

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

The concept of Sound Therapy is based on the idea that everything in the Universe, including our bodies, vibrates with electromagnetic, vibrational energy.

Vibrational Sound Therapy taps into this knowledge and uses instruments that generate pure, oscillating tones and harmonics that the body naturally responds to.  

This process helps to remove energetic blockages and increase a healthy flow of Prana, reducing pain, anxiety and stress levels.


Subtle-Energy Work

Reiki Attunement Therapy Sessions

Holistic Therapies: Services
Chakra Alignment

Chakra Alignment

According to Ayurveda, there are (seven) main Energy centers, or Chakras, located along the body.  Each one is represented by a sound, color and function of the mind/body.
Stress and illness can cause these Chakras to become deficient or excessive, eventually disrupting the natural flow of Prana within the body. We use a special combination of sound, color, and body/talk therapies to help encourage realignment so you can regain balance.

Ready for a new chapter?  We are here to support you.

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